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Polmonthill Snowsports Club Clean Sport and Anti-Doping Policy

Educate Polmonthill Snowsports Club performance athletes and staff to protect them from inadvertent doping and to outline the procedures and consequences directed by WADA


Maintain and report on the status of testing within the programme


Promote Polmonthill Snowsports Club as a Clean Sport with Anti-Doping embedded in our culture





  1. All performance development and development squad athletes receive Clean Sport education as part of the programme annually. (May/June)

  2. Athlete Education to be tracked by Polmonthill Snowsports Club. 


Coaches/ Staff

  1. All coaches in the Polmonthill Snowsports Club to complete and pass UKAD Coach Clean Course online

  2. All staff members involved in the performance pathway to complete and pass UKAD Advisor Course online

  3. All Coaches and staff to attend Clean Sport Education delivered annually with athletes (May/June)

  4. Check and challenge supplement use within the programme aligned with Assessing the Need, the Risk and the Consequences

  5. Coach and Staff Education to be tracked by Polmonthill Snowsports Club. 


Parent and Guardians

  1. Offer parent and guardian support and guidance



Test Administration

Polmonthill Snowsports Club to allocate a staff member to attend tests when in attendance, when possible with the athlete and include guidelines for post test administration in staff roles and responsibilities

Maintain records of tests for each athlete inc. date of test, name, event/ training session tested at, copy of test paperwork in electronic format

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