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Since opening our doors in 1973, Polmonthill Snowsports Centre has been dedicated to providing a premier skiing experience for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. Our dryslope is located in the central belt of Scotland, providing easy and accessible skiing to the region. Our endeavor at Polmonthill Snowsports Centre is to create an authentic and exhilarating winter experience for our clientele, one that they’ll never forget!


We are a Snowsports Centre determined to create opportunities for athletes of all ages and abilities to participate and advance in skiing and snowboarding through sport specific programs, events and education.

We provide programs to promote healthy, active lifestyles, to support casual skiers and to introduce the sport to children and adults who have never skied before. We believe that growing snowsports means more than just increasing numbers. It means fewer barriers and more diversity, it means providing more opportunities for those of all backgrounds, all ages and all abilities. Our dryslope skiing facility is the perfect environment for aspiring skiers to practice and develop fundamental techniques, but also for experts to test their limits and refine their skills. We have expert instructors on hand to train and guide every skier according to their individual skill levels. Our central location makes our facility highly accessible and our Centre is friendly and welcoming to all. Join us and experience a vibrant skiing culture, meet new people, and take your skiing to the next level!


Polmonthill has four core objectives. These core objectives establish the foundation of the strategic business plan for our sport. We encourage all visitors to participate in the local, regional and national efforts to ensure that these objectives are accomplished.

  • Build the Base: We seek to expand our membership in order to share our sport with as many other people as possible. We are especially committed to sharing the values of our sport with young people who may discover that skiing or snowboarding is an activity they can enjoy for their entire life. This is one of the reasons why we work with local schools to provide lessons as part of their PE curriculum.

  • Promote the Sport: We want skiing and snowboarding to receive as much publicity as possible, because we believe that the more people learn about our sport, the more inclined they will be to come and visit. We are proud of our sport and we seek to celebrate it whenever possible.

  • Achieve Competitive Success: Polmonthill has produced top athletes in the country and national team members. We will continue and excel this tradition of competitive excellence. When our elite athletes are successful in fulfilling their dreams our society benefits from the inspiration these athletes give us.

  • Partnership through Collaborations: It takes a ski community to raise medallists and to grow the sport. Polmonthill will be that community by valuing and respecting all visitors, supporters, partners, affiliates and the interested public, their roles, interests and aspirations.

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