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Glory on the Slopes: Polmont Skiers Shine at Hillend’s Snowy Spectacle

The Hillend slopes echoed with the infectious energy of victory as Polmont skiers showcased their prowess on a day that felt like a scene from a true ski racing paradise. The addition of snow on the slopes transformed the event into an authentic ski racing experience, blanketing the course with that essential wintry charm.

Among the Polmont contingent, each skier carved their mark with exceptional runs, weaving through the challenges and leaving a trail of commendable performances.

Charlie demonstrated outstanding skill, securing the 10th position in the fiercely contested U10 boys’ category with two flawless runs clocking in at an impressive 37.17 seconds. Logan, equally remarkable, claimed the 8th spot in the same category, showcasing precision and speed with runs that clocked in at 35.45 seconds.

Amelia, in the U12 girls’ category, exhibited sheer determination, securing the 11th position after two clean runs timed at 36.8 seconds, a testament to her skill and dedication.

However, the highlight of the day was the breathtaking performance by Lucy Colgan, whose exceptional talent and unwavering focus propelled her to a sensational 3rd place finish in the U10 girls’ category. Lucy’s two flawless runs, clocking in at 37.72 seconds, not only earned her a winning medal but also brought a magnificent trophy home to Polmont, a moment of pride and glory for the entire skiing community.

Lucy’s remarkable achievement illuminated the spirits of fellow skiers and supporters, marking an unforgettable day for Polmont skiing. Her triumph served as an inspiration, a testament to the dedication, skill, and resilience embedded in the hearts of these young athletes.

The snowy spectacle at Hillend will forever be etched in memory, a day where triumph and talent merged, and where the spirit of skiing soared to new heights amidst the chilly embrace of fresh snow. Congratulations to Lucy and all the exceptional Polmont skiers for their outstanding performances and the pride they brought to their community.🏅🎿🌨️

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